From attending youth to leading youth

Abe is one of five children, so his first youth group was his family. Growing up in a large family was a challenge, but it was the challenges that grew him into who he is today. He spent the majority of his childhood and teenage years in southern Louisiana.

In 2000, Abe encountered a youth pastor who invited him to attend youth service at his local church. For the first time, attending youth group gave him a sense of community and purpose. The youth ministry became a safe place to grow into his calling.

In 2001, Abe spoke to a group of his peers at a SYATP rally. There were over 200 of his peers in attendance. This was his first time to speak to a group of youth. It was from this point on he knew that God was calling him to something greater than he could imagine! Every time there was a youth event, he was there! It was because of the guidance of adult leaders in his youth group and the leadership of his parents that continued to grow him closer to God.

In 2005, Abe took his first job at a church. He was an intern at his home church. The same youth pastor who invited him to youth group also recruited him as a leader. And from that point on Abe continued to serve in youth ministry. 


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I have known Abe since he was a high school student and from the moment I met him I had this thought, “he gets it and he’s going to make a big impact with his life.” Well, after all these years of having the honor of watching God shape and use Abe’s life and leadership, I can truly say that He “gets it” and he is undoubtedly making an eternal impact on people that far succeeds anything I could’ve imagined all those years ago. I consider Abe an amazing leader, pastor, communicator and friend and I truly believe that the best is yet to come for his life, leadership and ministry.
— Jason Laird, Pastor of SOZO Church | San Francisio, CA